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Glass Panel Stairs


Glass panel stairs have become increasingly popular lately thanks to their modern, sleek design. Suitable for homes or businesses, The Handrail Man designs and installs a huge range of glass panel stairs which can be fitted brand new or as a replacement for your existing stairs. We cut clear, laminate glass to size which is the fitted to your choice of handrail. As with our staircases, the materials available are wide ranging and you have a lot of design flexibility. Combined with clever lighting and interior design, glass panels can transform your staircase into an integral feature of your home décor.

Why Choose The Handrail Man?

Quality – we have a team of fully qualified, highly experienced tradesmen who work on each project using quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers. All work comes with a guarantee.
Experience – we have been designing and installing staircases, handrails, balustrades etc. since our establishment in 1991.
Affordability– our customers receive great value for money on all installations.
Service – we are dedicated to ensuring our customers are fully satisfied before, during and after the installation has been complete.

We can fit glass panels to your existing stairs or design an entirely new staircase for you. Contact us for a free quote.

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